Arnika Forte, the only combination of arnica montana and bromelain, has been shown to speed the healing allowing for faster recovery from bruising, swelling and pain associated with soft tissue injuries.

What is Arnika Forte®?

  • Homeopathic Arnica Montana which has been widely used, is clinically proven effective.
  • Bromelain is a natural substance found in pineapple but concentrated in the stem. Just eating pineapple fruit or drinking pineapple juice will not provide enough bromelain to be effective.
  • Grape Seed Extract is a very powerful bioflavonoid to decrease capillary permeability and fragility. Grape Seed Extract may help to support capillary function and to reduce bruising, swelling and pain.

How to use Arnika Forte® Topical

  • Apply to the bruise in a circular motion, starting at the center of the bruise, working outward.
  • Apply twice per day or as needed.

How to use Arnika Forte® Capsules

  • Start dosing 1 to 2 days prior to your procedure by taking 1 capsule twice a day. For a dermal filler injection, you can start taking the capsule on the day of injection. NO need to wait to eat or drink before and after taking capsule.
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