Environ Focus Care Comfort+ Colostrum Gel contains bovine colostrum in a non-sticky gel formula. This immune-boosting serum helps to protect the skin from external and internal stressors and is enriched with vitamins and a variety of antioxidants. The natural fragrance of lavender oil has a calming, healing effect on the skin and assists in the production of healthy collagen, elastin and growth factors, which reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Colostrum Gel will leave the skin feeling smoother and firmer. 

  • Encourages the production of healthy collagen and elastin.
  • Minimises fine lines.
  • Tightens and smooths the skin.
  • Colostrum helps the immune system of the skin.
  • Lavender Oil has a calming effect on the skin and does not cause irritation.

Size: 1.01 fl. oz. | 30 mL

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